Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 53-61: Warning- picture heavy post

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been MIA for over a week now! I didn't have internet at the conference I attended last week (or at least I wasn't willing to pay $15/day for it)! So here I am- back, posting, and weight watching.

I fell of the dieting train around Saturday of the week I was in Memphis. I was doing so well with my parents' support from a grocery run up until then! I'm pretty sure I had lost some weight. Helping with Jes's engagement party and spending most of Saturday out of control of the food and drinks I was having didn't do much for me- the late night DDing people home and stopping for fast food didn't help either.

After the party, I tried to keep things under control until I flew to Marco Island, FL for a DARPA PI review meeting. It was a good conference, beautiful hotel, lots of work, and a nice beach- so overall a good time- except for the part about having to eat gormet food for every meal....buffet style! Dieters nightmare. The food was AMAZING- every meal...but instead of having my goal for the past 2 weeks to loose 4.2 lbs..It is now just not to have gained weight. I am pretty sure I did- so I have Sat, Sun, and Mon to drop it before my WW weigh in meeting! Wish me luck!

Overall it was a good 2 weeks out of town, but it is so so nice to be home. I miss Shelbs and Drew already! Hopefully I'll see them again soon although I think Matt and my next family vacay will be to TX.

Instead of having a picture of everything I did this week, I'm just going to post overview pictures from the week.

Smart Ones- still happening even out of town.
Bacon, Egg, Cheese Buscuit from Bryan's- Shelby and Drew let me come on their traditional Thursday morning date! I could have eaten 10 of these guys!
My mom loved Jamie and Chris's guacamole I made- it was a bit of a staple while I was in town.
Flower arrangements my dad and I made for Jes's engagement party
English cream cheese and jelly muffin (being good at the house)
1/2 Memphis BBQ sandwich I grabbed from Grandma's house when Uncle Henry and Aunt Nancy stopped through
Gigantor room
View from our balcony at the Marriott Spa Resort on Marco Island
Salmon BLT and fries from the resort Bar. I had 1/2 the sub and all the fries (does this give you an idea of how not on a diet I was while I was there??)
Island Paradise food! So the good thing was- most of this is veggies. I didn't eat the roll- left, I had 1 bite of the pork tenderloin, I did eat my 1/2 peice of crusted grouper with coconut rum sauce, Zuchinni and carrots, and the black bean and corn salsa was AMAZING (I got seconds)..then in the back is seafood chowder..and later I had pina colada was small, but still- this was probably a healthier lunch. Its the shear quantity of food that makes these horrible! Fortunately, my breakfast was only 1 pt (some fresh fruit that morning). I'm trying to explain away the guilt that comes when I think about the meals I had- oof.

The three amigos at Jes's engagement party 

Party Planners! For details and pricing- call Andy.

Impromptu photo shoot on the balcony at Jes's party.
 We went out to dinner Friday when we got back in town with Cait. Little Bear was so pampered while we were gone!
I had a tuscany quesadilla, chips and pico de gaillo, and a margarita. Last day of no diet, anyone?

And thats all for now. I'll post later about my food today!

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