Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Week 11: Day 2

Tuesday- what a day. I was tired all day. I had sooo much to do at work and school! Just look at all the bags I had to drag in to make it through the day.
 Backpack- books and macbook, gym bag, lunch box, 2nd computer case. Yes, I was a homeless bag lady today.

I grabbed a slim fast (yes, they're back) for 4pts before heading to work. This may be completely mental, but when I drank slim fast consistently in December, my hair (which never grows) started growing faster and was shinier. Also- I'm an inconsistent vitamin taker at best, so I think that's why, but I keep them in my diet just in case! Vanity- great sales pitch.

I could not focus in class! It was so difficult so needless to say, I more than happy for the first one to be over and to be on my way to the gym for my workout date with Cait! We went 40 minutes on the Arc Trainers. I keep doing a little more and a little harder every time.

By the way, I must have left my brain at home this morning because 1. I forgot my tennis shoes which I realized in the locker room. 2. I started to go to the car to get my spare crappy pair. 3. Get halfway to the car and realize I left my keys at the gym. 4. Go back to the gym to get my keys and NOPE- in my lab. 5. Called Matt and he rescued me with his keys. Fortunately the spare shoes had socks in them. Brain, why did you leave me??

5 minutes before finishing! I got +4 activity pts.

After our workout, I went to my usual lunch spot in CJ's lab. I had this AWESOME Santa Fe Style Rice and Beans Smart Ones Entree for 6pts- new favorite and some grape tomatoes 0pts

After lunch, I started back to grading stats exams. I was over this job before it started unfortunately. I was in such a bad mood at work because of some people letting work fall through the cracks. It really got to me. So after my second class, Matt and I headed home for some R&R...aka me catching up on the biggest loser and answering stats emails while waiting for Lost to come on. I was soo surprised they voted Cheryl off! I thought it would be Stephanie! Even though I completely love her! Sam, Koli, O'Neil, Sunshine, Ashley, and Stephanie are my current favorites although Lance is growing on me. He's like a little kid!

I had 1 cup of Chex Mix when I came home for 4pts.
Matt made some shells and cheese for his dinner and I stole a little over a cup for 5pts. I was so ashamed that I didn't take a picture and I wasn't planning on posting about it either, but I am putting on my big girl pants and owning up to my self medication of food. Did I mention it was a rough day? Thennnnn....I had 4pts of Chex mix again and continuing with the shame, I didn't take a picture.

Finally, I had 4pts of shoe string fries and 1pt of honey mustard for dinner. I got over my internal argument with myself and took a picture of this. Granted- I was just going to give ya'll the photo of the fries and not mention the shells and cheese and the second round of chex mix!

I was sooo full and actually, it did help a little. Matt took a break from studying for his midterm and we watched Lost. It was so good. Only 7 more episodes! Maybe I will replace the hole in my heart with Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution!

Points: 28/25
Weekly Allowance Points: 32/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 4 today/13 week
Exercise: Arc Trainer 15 or 35 resistance- 40 minutes
Weekly Weight Loss: -2.4 lbs/ -18.4 total

Hope to see less of each other next time!

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