Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 68: Power Out

I should have known that between the power being out in the morning and me eating fries for breakfast, it was going to be a different day to say the least.

I got up and took Matt to work and was planning to grade papers all day from home, but the power was out so when I got back, I decided to nap "until it came back on." Greeeat idea. Well, here was my thinking: I couldn't make breakfast because- no power, I couldn't shower- no power- so nap seems do-able, but the nap didn't end when the power came on- of course. I woke up around 11 starving and made organic fries with honey mustard for 5pts.

I did get to grade papers for a while and made some progress on that front. The tests were due at midnight tonight so I thought I'd get a jump start for the weekend. I called Cait around 3 to see what she was up to and met her at the AFC for a workout and then we wandered up O-hill after our 30 minutes on the arc trainers. Awesome machines! I'm totally going back. About +6 activity pts total. I was sweating like crazy!

After our workout, I picked up Matt from work, we detoxed from the day and then went out to eat. I was starving again! We went to wild wings. I am a bad kid, but there is a story behind this- Tuesday, some one on the 3rd floor of MEC had hot wings for lunch and rudely wafted their aroma down the hall. I was intoxicated with lust, and since then, I've been smelling phantom hot wings, so this was inevitable and was appropriate for my "fries for breakfast" day.

25 hot wings!! 5 flavors! Waaay too many. I had 5 (and allllll the celery) 15pts
Basket of fries! Again- and I would say, oh look at me, I'm awesome I didn't eat them all so I don't have to count those pts, buuuut we boxed them and I ate them after my late night. 15pts
Thennn we went out. I met Cait and Steph at Baja for a margarita...or 2 13 pts uhg sugary drinks. Had a Stella at the Box 3pts, and then spent the rest of the night out at Es Cafe, the gay bar downtown, with Lynn, Steph, Cait, Chris, Matt, and Jeff. We went because we had run into Jamie and Chris earlier and they were going. Good times and lots of dancing +1 activity pt.

Points: 51/25
Weekly Allowance Points: -4 remaining OOOOPS!!!/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 7 today/9 week
Exercise: arc trainer, walk up ohill, and DANCING
Weekly Weight Loss: -1.2 lbs

Hope to see less of each other next time!

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