Monday, March 22, 2010


Second day of Spring and still amazing weather. Its been so nice outside in C-ville this weekend. Its made getting any work done impossible!

I woke up this morning and had a super light breakfast of 5 cheddar pringles for 1pt because Matt and I had lunch plans to eat out with Nathan and Christina for lunch. 

Nathan and Matt were going to the Chinese buffet together to get it out of their systems and Christina and I were staying as far away as possible so we ended up at Panera.

After my "snack breakfast" I made some of my Yogi detox tea to have outside and enjoy the morning while Bear ran around. Unfortunately we woke up just late enough to excuse ourselves from rushing to church and back before lunch.
Sooo nice outside!

Great to catch up with CJ at Panera. We worried about our little boys getting through their man date, but they survived. I had the creamy tomato soup with croutons and ate it alllll 9pts as well as a whole grain baguette 3pts

Christina also volunteered to restart the C25K challenge with me with our first day starting TOMORROW at 3pm. We will guilt each other into making this happen.

For pretty much the rest of the day, I cleaned the house top to bottom. Matt was at work studying so I threw some spaghetti together for him while cleaning and he helped when he got home. I rocked out to some serious tunes with my mop and purple rubber gloves- it was great. Who knew mops could dance so well to Lady Gaga??

We had a kind of late dinner. Matt had spaghetti and I had 1/3 cup spaghetti 2pts and a Smart ones pot roast entree 3pts. It was actually a lot better than I was expecting.

I was supposed to meet Jamie at the gym tonight, but some little twirps have been trying to break into it so they started closing the one at our apt early until that decide what to do. That blew.

That was about it for the day!

Points: 18/25
Weekly Allowance Points: -4 remaining OOOOPS!!!/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 0 today/15 week
Exercise: none
Weekly Weight Loss: -1.2 lbs

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