Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 69: 3/20/2010

GREAT DAY TODAY!! So sunny and warm. I started the looong process of cleaning house pretty early until I got distracted by the great day. I got breakfast with Cait at Bodos- always a favorite. I used 10 pts on my egg ham wheat bagel. Unfortunately, I have lost the picture somewhere. Sorry, guys.

After breakfast, Matt and I played outside with the puppies most of the day. It was awesome. Hamlet is actually really good a soccer and bear just loooves playing outside.
Puppies playing together.

Bear at attention.

Hamlet was pooped.

Sniffing Mommy's camera.

They were adorable. After a looong day of soccer, Jamie and I went shopping for bridesmaid dresses for Shelby's wedding. We found some cute options at JCrew. After shopping, I came home and ate a quick dinner of Smart Ones Chicken Teriaki 4pts and 1/2 a diet sunkist before going to the AFC.

I went back to defeat the Arc Trainer (hehe) with Jamie. I did 30 minutes but at a faster pace than yesterday. It was intense. +4 activity pts. Then we did lunges, wall squats, and free weights! Packed a lot in, but I always do when I'm with Jamie +2 more activity pts.

After our workout, we car kareokeed home. I had some chips and guacamole for a 5pt snack later on while hanging out with Matt.

My favorite snack!

I also spent some time to recommit to my C25K running program and set myself on this schedule which is now on the fridge. Jes and Johnny said they'd do it too! Go us.

Points: 19/25
Weekly Allowance Points: -4 remaining OOOOPS!!!/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 6 today/15 week
Exercise: arc trainer, free weights, lunges, squats.
Weekly Weight Loss: -1.2 lbs

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