Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 49: 2/29/2010

Sunday! Matt and I woke up late (again). Little Bear was unhappy about it too. He had to pee so bad this morning! Poor guy. Finally we rolled out of bed to save him. I had a Smart Ones breakfast sandwich for lunch for 4pts and matt had an enlish muffin with cream cheese and jelly AND a breakfast quesadilla guys are so annoying!
After breakfast, we finished cleaning the house and then did laundry for a while. After that, we headed in to work to put together the aerogel presentation for the Thermal Management meeting we're attending in FL over spring break. We ate lunch at lab- I had a chili potato! A medium baked potato 3pts, 1 cup of low points chili 3pts, and ww cheddar cheese 2pts. The melted cheese was soooo good. We picked up sodas on the way into work- Matt gave them up for Lent but since its Sunday he gets to have them! I had a diet coke 0pts with lunch.

After lunch, we worked for a while longer at lab before calling it quits for the day. I didn't finish as much as I had hoped, but that just means I'm going to be crazy busy tomorrow and Tuesday!

When I got home, I tried to set up the PC tablet to grade papers, but guess what- still not set up. The guy who was supposed to fix it the 3rd time forgot to re-set up the guest account so I couldn't even log on. Fabulous. Some students have already emailed asking when they'll get their grades so I really wanted to get them out so I just started typing in the corrections instead. Maybe the tablet will be set up correctly before I finish grading all 70 papers. Here's hoping!

For dinner, Matt and I had a serving Thai chicken and rice noodles for 5pts. It was pretty good, but I don't recommend reheated rice noodles- they're a little too sticky.

After dinner, I decided to call it quits on grading because the grading key was missing some answers. Since I didn't finish the presentation and I didn't finish grading homework, I went looking for anything I could cross off my to-do list. I ended up packing (and weighing) my bag to go to MEMPHIS on Tuesday! I'm flying out of C-ville on Tuesday afternoon, staying in Memphis to visit through Monday morning, and then flying to a thermal management conference in Florida until Friday when I'll get back to C-Ville. 

I had to pack everything from a cocktail dress (for Jes's engagement party) all the way to business clothes and a swimsuit- all while having lost 12 lbs so lots of stuff didn't fit right. Needless to say- packing was a logistical nightmare! I finally got it under control and packed two weeks worth of clothes and all accessories in 43 lbs in 2 hrs. A little crazy.

After that I hit the hay.

Points: 17/25
Weekly Allowance Points: 14 remaining/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 0 today/3 week
Exercise: none
Weekly Weight Loss: -.4 lbs / -12.4 lbs total

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