Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 11: Day 7

Getting caught up on my daily posts, I promise! I've been behind over the weekend because of grading a million papers... and life in general. Sunday, Matt and I slept it again and it was wonderful. Unfortunately, we had been planning on going to mass and decided that between the late hour we woke up and the pouring down rain, it wasn't going to happen. I am so ready for some nice weather again!

I had my traditional 1 1/2 cups of vanilla almond milk for my 3pt breakfast. (Is it obvious I'm not a breakfast person, yet?)

I graded tests pretty much the entire day Sunday. I took a break to catch up on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution 2nd episode on hulu, but that was it until around 6:30. I had Thai Style Rice noodles and chicken (Smart Ones) for lunch for 5pts and later snacked on 3pts of triscuits and WW Cream cheese.

While I graded my papers, Matt worked on grading lab reports at the desk and Bear and Hamlet played alllll day. So jealous. 
I gave up on trying to fill up the peanut butter kong and just let them have at the jar. It was almost empty, but made a good toy.

After a long sunday of more rain and grading, Matt and I ditched our original plans for dinner. We had planned on going to the grocery and getting chili supplies and cooking that for dinner, but with the rain and having been pent up all day, we decided to skip groceries and pick up food instead. We went to Ragazzi's because we had coupons!! I had a little salad with ceasar dressing 2pts, 2 1/2 really small breadsticks 5pts and some meat tortellini with alfredo sauce (1/2 serving or 1 cup) for 8pts

After dinner, we came home and did some more grading until our mood's couldn't handle it anymore. I think we were both a little grouchy by the end of the day. We each had a Yeungling 3pts and watched the first episode of Meir Cat Manor Season 2 on Netflix. (PS- Jamie, I am stealing from your netflix account. The password was saved on the computer- surprise!!)

Was so glad when it was finally bed time. We went to bed at 10:30- it was awesome.

Points: 29/25
Calories: 1,514
Weekly Allowance Points: 3 left/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 0 today/18 week
Exercise: grading papers?
Weekly Weight Loss: -2.4 lbs/ -18.4 total

Hope to see less of each other next time!

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