Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 65: 2/16/2010

65 days- ok pretty soon I'm going to have to switch to labeling by weeks!! This morning Matt and I woke up early to get him to school early for a presentation he had to give. I had an english muffin with ww cream cheese and 2 tsp. of grape jelly for 3pts.

After my first class (CFD) I was so hungry again! Fortunately, I found this WW 1pt snack in my purse! They gave us these at the meeting last night to try- pretzel, chocolate, and carmel, YUM!
Matt and I went on a short walk to talk while I munched.

After our walk, I went back to work until lunchtime with CJ. I had Teeter tomato basil soup for 4pts with a diet sunkist 0pts. Its the lowest calorie/fat soup H Teeter offers but it was still delish. I'll get it again.

After lunch- ANOTHER WALK! with CJ this time. I was not very focused at work so the frequent walks helped to break up the monotony. I think I got +1 activity pt for all the walking. :) 

After my second class- I convinced Matt to go home with me around 3:30 since I have to hold office hrs on Tue/Thurs 6-8 and Matt can work at the same time. Score one for Casey. We got home around 4 and sat on the couch and played with Bear for a while. He was so happy to see us home early! I was starving again by this point! I made myself some guacamole 3pts with 2pts baked tortilla chips- always a fav.
Didn't eat all that guac- 1/2 is in the fridge right now. (I think its calling me right now)

Then, is it weird, but I totally don't remember eating this!!? A slice of diet dr. pepper cake! But- it was in my inbox so I must have had it. Stack on another 2pts.

We had dinner while I was holding office hours- being able to do them from home is sooo nice. I had 2 cups of sausage artichoke soup for 5pts with some iced tea and sweet and low. CJ and I talked today about cutting aspertaime out of our diets. Oh gosh- she may be a stronger woman than me- I love it so much. Going to have to make a conscious effort to cut back- how will I replace diet soda? Or diet sunkist!!?

After dinner, I was still craving food so I preempted some unnecessary calories with some Yogi tea. Its got a pleasant sweet after taste.

While steeping my tea and waiting for Lost to start, I made some organic tortellini soup (1pt per cup) for tomorrow's lunch. I hope its good- I'll let you know tomorrow. 

Matt and I watched Lost while I caught up on some blogs- there are so many good cooking and weight loss ones out there! Why can't more people follow mineeeee! Whine!

Points: 20/25
Weekly Allowance Points: 35 remaining/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 1 today/2 week
Exercise: Lots of walks- maybe 30 or 45 mins total
Weekly Weight Loss: -1.2 lbs

Hope to see less of each other next time!

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