Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 63: 3/14/2009

Sunday Fun Day! I got sooo much done today. I am exhausted, but more than ready for the week. And guess what! I just realized I've been "weight watching" for almost 2 months now! Time flies.

I'm coming up on my post-vacay weigh in. I'm excited to get back on track but nervous because I'm pretty sure I gained weight while away. I decided not to worry about the weight gain- what's done is done- don't cry over spilled milk- or something like that, right? I'm just going to look at it as a new starting point.

SO- today I was a busy bee. I got up a little late and had a smart ones mac n cheese entree for 5pts. It was alright. I was trying to change up the regular frozen entrees I eat- bad idea.
After lunch, I dropped Matt off at work and went to the grocery store. Saturday's grocery run at Teeter was more expensive than normal so we decided to buy a lot of our staples at Kroger like usual. After my grocery run, I came home, cleaned house, and cooked (good housewife, right?)

I made Sausage Artichoke Soup per Matt's request. The whole kitchen smelled amazing!
I had this cauliflower and cheese steamer from Jolly Green Giant for 0pts! Doesn't get much better than that!
I also had some Yogi organic detox tea with 2 drops of organic honey while doing laundry for 0pts. So delicious!
After all that, I went a picked Matt up from work. We had dinner at home- he had the soup I made and I had a Lean cuisine entree for 6pts with 1/4 of a toasted hoagie 1pt with 1/2 Tbsp light butter 1/2pt.
I think switching from smart ones was a bad idea. The veggies were awkwardly sweet and the chicken alfredo pesto tasted weird. The cherry and blueberry crumble was amazing though!

After dinner, I cleaned a little more and then STARTED COOKING!!! I don't know what it was, but I was in such a mood to cook today. I made beef stroganoff sauce to put over pasta later in the week. I made matt's lunch for tomorrow consisting of bbq chicken wrap and some snacks, and then I made diet dr. pepper cake! Yum! It's only 2pts per 1/14 of the cake! What a deal. Of course I licked the bowl 1pt and had a peice 2pts.
All the cake with a little powdered sugar on top!
My piece!

While cooking, I cleaned out the fridge and found like 3 lbs of carrots! So trying to think of what to do with them, I remembered my madre in Spain used to make this spicy carrot soup that is amazing. I looked around online for a recipe (I can't find the one she wrote for me in spanish) and came up with nothing. So I decided to wing it- what else was I going to do with 3lbs of carrots?? Not really sure why I bought them in the first place! The soup turned out great and really similar to what I was going for. It's only 1pt per cup!! Even better! So definitely check it out. 

After all that cooking, I was beat. I caught up on a couple of blogs and then hit the hay.

Points: 16/25
Weekly Allowance Points: 26 remaining/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 0 today/4 week
Exercise: none
Weekly Weight Loss: no weigh in yet!

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