Saturday, April 3, 2010

Week 12: Day 5 Ladies' Fondu Night!

So Friday- I get a text at 6 o'clock in the morning that wakes me up. I was ready to respond angrily for being woken up until I read it and found out that the hw assignment I had planned to work on all day had the due date pushed back! Yes!! Score one for my inner procrastinator. I went back to sleep and didn't start my day until 8:30 when I went to do my C25K run. I was worried I'd have to omit the workout today to finish the homework assignment!

I ended up spending longer than I had planned in the gym- about 2 hrs total! CJ had shown me this article review yesterday that explained how high intensity excercise (cardio) burns carbs and low intensity burns fat. I had always wondered this- so in my new enlightenment, I tried to add some non-cardio or low intensity training to my regime. C25K- Week 2 Day 3, 3 miles on elliptical- high resistance low speed, bicep curls, lateral pulldowns, 5 real pushups (hehe this was just to see), 60 crunches for +7 activity pts total!

So side-note story from the gym. I was watching E tv while there- I like watching the celeb fashion stuff, and after one show ended, Keeping with the Kardashians came on. Intrigued, I started watching- it was disasterously raunchy, but I couldn't tear my eyes away. Plus, I was the only one in the gym so I wasn't too concerned about my unabashed curiosity. Wellllll, a mom and her 2 year old joined me while I was using free weights and I was caught. At first- I was like- "well, I was here first- and it's not really bad its just definitely not good." Then- the show spiraled out of control with Chloe making a sexy video for her husband, guys drinking waaay too much and fighting, Kim being a brat- oh gosh- then the shame came. The woman whispered "Jesus Christ" under her breath and turned the baby stroller to the wall. Uh oh. So I told her she could change it and that I was just watching it because it was on...kind of true. I didn't mention that I was enthralled by the disaster that is that tv show. So long story short, I was shamed into watching cartoons for 2 year olds at the gym.

After my workout, I headed home and made lunch before grabbing a shower because I was so hungry. I made lemon garlic broccli- which I have wanted to make for a while but not gotten around to. It was so good. I ate all of it for 2pts, 1/4 cup of tabbouleh salad 1pt, and 1 cup of chocolate soy milk 2pts. Yum.

How's that for not processed for you? I thought I did pretty well.

I finished out my day with some TA work until Matt got home. I ran by the grocery to pick up some last minute things for the fondu party at Xtina's house! So exciting. I picked CJ up and made her late (oops) and we headed to Xtina's. For dinner I had 3 shrimp and 1 1/2 oz. steak 2pts, lots of veggies 0pt, some green lady sauce (1-2 Tbsp) 1pt?, potatoes 2pts, 2 pieces of bread 2pts. Over the night I had about 3 glasses of wine thanks to Xtina and her stealthy pouring moves :) and 1/2 a pina colada like drink for 10pts. For dessert I had some fruit 1pt dipped in chocolate fondu 3pts and two marshmallows 1pt. Delish and really pretty.

We sat outside around Xtina and Keith's fire pit and chatted and enjoyed eachothers co. for the rest of the night. It was such a nice night.

When matt and I got home, we enjoyed the outdoors some more...with more wine. I polished off another 10pts...great. I love drinking with Matt outside at our apt by ourselves though, so I'm not too worried. My weekly pts aren't holding up to it though.

Points: 37/24
Calories: 1,678 (here you can see how points don't directly correspond to calories. It is weighted so that alcohol counts for a lot for pts.)
Weekly Allowance Points: 10 left/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 7 today/13 week
Exercise: A ton!
Weekly Weight Loss: -1.4 lbs/ -19.8 total

Hope to see less of each other next time!

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