Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week 15: Days 4-6

Let's do some rewinding to Thursday (Wednesday was my last post). I have been so busy since then- in good and bad ways.

Thursday was Earth Day and I had good intentions of not eating meat for earth day. Well, I forgot in the morning and had a Smart Ones Breakfast Sandwich with Canadian Bacon for 4pts. Oops! I'm still going to try this for a few days when I get my feet back under me and can plan. I want to do it so I notice how much meat I eat every day.

After breakfast, we got to school/work really early, and I had school all day. I worked in the design lab while I wasn't in class on more programming. For lunch, I brought a terrible smart ones entree that I had one bite of and didn't eat 0pts and Matt was nice enough to give me one of his 96% ff tacos with habanero cheese for 5pts.

I also snacked on some granola for 3pts.

After lunch, I got some more Arch's ice cream with CJ (from om nom nom and run run run). And the BEST part of this!! I OVERESTIMATED THE POINTS LAST TIME!! its 12 calories per ounce and I get 3.5 oz.!! And its ff. Thats only 1pt per serving and I can never eat all of it! Yay! I got white chocolate cheesecake wow-cow.

After our treat, I went back to school and got a little more work done before my second class. I convinced Matt to come home with me after getting out around 3:30 since he had been at work until midnight and we went back to work at 7 am! Ew. I had 2 pretzels sticks for 1pt when I got home. You can see Bear thought he was going to get some!

Pretty much imidiately after getting home, Matt and I fell asleep for about 3 hrs. We have been exhausted from the end of the semester, trying to find me a job, and just life in general. We woke up and decided to go out with friends. We went to Baja with Chris, Mike, Jeff, Cait, Erica and Dee. Super fun group. We had dinner and drinks and played darts. I had rice and beans for 3pts and some chips and pico de gallo 5pts, and 14 pts of drinks (margaritas are killer).

Points: 36/24
Weekly Allowance Points: 23 left/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 0 today/4 week
Exercise: nadda
Weekly Weight Loss: -2.2 lbs / 24.6 lbs total

Friday was a nice day. I spent the first half finishing up an assignment to turn in that evening. I had another Smart ones english muffin sandwich for breakfast for 4pts.

I met Matt for lunch at the Castle and got a chicken sub 9pts.

I worked a little more and then headed home to pack my bag for the national's game in DC with Allee!! I hit traffic on the drive and got in a little later than I meant to but stuck with our plan of dinner at Wegman's my favorite grocery ever and then headed to the game. I had Bbq shrimp sushi (the shrimp was hard- weird- but I ate it anyway.) It was only 8 pcs but 4pts because it had cream cheese and the shrimp was tempura. I pulled off a lot of the tempura part.

The weather was perfect for a game. I had a 16 oz. BL at the game for 3pts. It reminded me of Redbirds games in Memphis which I miss so much.

After the game, it took us a good hour to metro back to the car. The stations were packed because a Capitol's game had let out a few stops down. It was crazy. We were packed in like sardines. I was ok with it because I love people watching and big crowds.

Back at Allee's place, we watched The Hills that Allee tevo-ed. It's shameful, but it was after midnight.  We snacked on some rice cakes while watching for 2pts. (no pic, sorry. My phone died at the game and Allee was taking pics for me).

Points: 22/24
Weekly Allowance Points: 23 left/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 0 today/4 week
Exercise: nadda
Weekly Weight Loss: -2.2 lbs / 24.6 lbs total

Saturday morning, we went to Wegman's for breakfast before I drove back to C-ville. I didn't head out of DC until after 10 so it was a lot later than I wanted to be back. I got the fresh fruit bar for breakfast and ended up getting WAY more food than I could eat. I had ~ 1cup of fruit 1pt, some yogurt 2pts, and some jalapeno potatoes 3pts.

I picked up soup for lunch at wegman's and headed back to C-ville. Matt and I watched the episode of Lost we missed earlier in the week while eating. I had 1 1/2 cups of shrimp bisque soup 5pts, 2 slices of rosemary bread with 1 tsp olive oil 2pts.

After lunch, I showered and met up with Jamie for a sister day of shopping and rehab. I call my time w/ Jamie rehab from my week. :) She got some good options for her graduation ceremony from Law School!!! Yay! 
After coming home, I did some grading before getting ready for a double date with Jamie and Chris. We went to Sakura for dinner. It was so nice to see them. I'm going to miss them a lot when they move to Charleston in a mo. I got a Kiran- 4pts and the Veggie dinner which came with- Clear soup 0pts, ginger salad 0pts, mushrooms 0pts, fried rice (ate almost all of it) 8pts, a TON of Veggies 0pts, but they had some veggie oil for cooking 3pts.
Waiting for the table
Being goof-balls
Chris was mesmerized by our chef's mad skills
Jamie and Chris at the apt before the movie

When we came home, Jamie and I made a delicious desert drink while watching a movie. 5pts low fat/ low sugar chocolate ice cream, 4pts bailey's, 2pts chocolate soy milk and ice. We split it, Jamie had more than me, for 3pts. I also had a beer 2pts while watching Men Who Stare at Goats. Weird movie. I'm reserving judgment for now.

I'm most of the way through Sunday now and I'm exhausted. I've been busy all day so hopefully I'll find time to stop and get another post up about my food later tonight. Writing this much up was pretty much my break from work for the day.

Points: 34/24
Weekly Allowance Points: 13 left/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 0 today/4 week
Exercise: nadda
Weekly Weight Loss: -2.2 lbs / 24.6 lbs total

Hope to see less of each other next time!

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  1. WOW Casey. You are doing an awesome job! I am so proud of you. You are truly committed to your plan.(You've inspired me to shed the 15 lbs I've put on since last May. 5 down 10 to go.)

    Mama Bauer


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