Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week 13: Day 2

Another long day for this blogger. This morning I got up at 6:30 to finish up the vibes assignment. I got it almost done before my first class at 9:30! I had a slimfast for breakfast for 4pts.

 I snuck into the TA's office hrs later and turned in my assignment. For the rest of the day I did homework, went to my next class, and graded some papers to TA. Matt and I enjoyed the sunshine for lunch outside. It was so nice! I had a salad- Santa Fe Style Chicken for 5pts with a diet sunkist 0pts.

At home, I had 1 cup of asparagus and goat cheese pasta for a 3pt snack- yum.

After that, Matt tempted me with some Easter candy of peanut m&ms. Soooo good. I haven't had these in I dont know how long. (I'm not generally a sweets person.) However, 1 serving is 5pts!!! Not recommended weight watchers!
About double this is 1 serving.

For dinner, I had 2 more cups of the pasta for 6pts with iced tea 0pts. That was the last of the pasta! I'm planning on remaking it and posting the recipe on Mon or Tuesday of next week!

Now, I'm watching the biggest loser and waiting for lost. I'm going to grade some papers, catch up on blogs, and get into bed early so that I can wake up early again for work. Its crunch time!

On an unrelated note, Erica over at Fashion Meets Food is running a contest for a collapsible water bottle. I'd love to try it. Its super cute, so definitely check it out.

Points: 23/24
Calories: 1,152
Weekly Allowance Points: 35 left/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 0 today/3 week
Exercise: just studying
Weekly Weight Loss: -1.8 lbs/ -21.6 total

Hope to see less of each other next time!


  1. creamy milk chocolate sucks! cappuccino is totally the best flavor :-)

  2. I haven't had a slim fast in FOREVER!! But I remember liking them. Might have to buy a few to have on hand!!

    Oh boy...those M&Ms sure do sound good right now!! :)

  3. Haha- I need to be braver and try other flavors. I think I was scarred from the cappuccino ones when I tried one of my mom's when I was little and they tasted like chalk. :) I'll branch out soon.


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