Friday, April 30, 2010

Week 16: Day 4

Got up this morning, sorted through my grapes which were going bad and picked out the edible ones for breakfast and tossed the rest. 1pt for under a cup of grapes for breakfast with iced tea.

I had my first class this morning which is winding to an end and then I worked on a hw set for the rest of the day until my second class. The due date was postponed- hooray!! I'm still going to try and finish by tomorrow though. I had a smart ones Teriaki Chicken for 4pts for lunch and a WW chocolate pretzel for 1pt for dessert.
Pictured with my traditional luggage- graphing calculator and notebook.

After Vibrations, I met with a professor and headed home a little early. I have office hours Tue/Thrs nights so its nice to take a break in between. I had 3 pretzel sticks for 1pt for a snack with some water and Matt and I took little Bear for a walk.

Matt and I made dinner around 6 when my office hours started. I had a chilli potato 8pts and diet sunkist 0pts. Gotta love it.

Points: 18/24
Weekly Allowance Points: 31 left/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 0 today/6 week
Exercise: nadda
Weekly Weight Loss: +.8 lbs / 23.8 lbs total

Hope to see less of each other next time!


  1. you are doing absolutely fabulous!!! I need to create weight loss rewards for myself maybe it'll help me. after reading about your grapes I ran to my frig to realize all my grapes are bad... blah!

    have a fabulous weekend!


  2. Thanks for the encouragement! PS- love your blog. :)

    Thanks for the heads up on the slimfast, I haven't had a problem with them but they really aren't that great for you in the first place. They're just so easy. I should cut back either way.


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