Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 22: 2/1/2010

I went to bed super early last night, around 10. It was so nice- which meant I woke up around 7 this morning with no alarm. That's the schedule I'm trying to get on. I woke up and got ready for the day, made Matt a waffle and made my rendition of one of Darci's favorites- oatmeal, chocolate PB2, and 1/2 a banana for 4pts with a glass of water. It wasn't as good as I was hoping, but I still enjoyed it.

Then Matt and I headed to work. I drove, despite the icyness still in some places.

I stayed at school a little while working on some stuff for the class I TA and headed home pretty early. I stopped by walmart to pick up some cleaning supplies and then went by Kroger to get some ingredients for a dessert I wanted to try. I made these cheesecake tarts for 1pt each. They are amazing. At Kroger, I grabbed a sample of spicy cheese and baked chicken for 1pt.

I had lunch at home. I had a diet sunkist (0pts), a Smart Ones fettuchini alfredo for 4pts, and a cheesecake tart for 1pt. I also licked the bowl and spoon I made them with for 1pt

After lunch, I met Jamie at the gym. I did week 2, day 2 of the C25K running program, added an extra 5 minutes of walking on a 6 incline at 3.5 mph, and biked for another 10 minutes. I got +5 activity points for the workout.

After the workout, I went home, had another cheesecake tart for 1pt, and got in some studying for my vibes class, uhg, and took a shower to get ready for my WW meeting! 
At the meeting tonight- we talked about pushing through your failures. A lot of times, its easy to say- oh I completely failed this one time and so I'm done or to let failures get your confidence in yourself down. A good quote from the meeting was, "You can't look down if you're already looking up." I enjoyed the meeting and got caught up on what I missed from the previous week. Down another 3.4lbs. I definitely wish it was more since that spanned 2 weeks since the last weigh in, but at least I'm motivated to continue and I didn't work out much last week. All positive no complaints, but its game on this week- fitting seeing as super bowl weekend is coming up.

After the meeting, I was STARVING and came home and made dinner. I made lemon garlic broccli 1pt, 5oz. chicken breast w/ teriaki sauce 6pts but didn't end up eating it, a ciabata roll 2pts with olive oil 1pt, and 1 cup chicken tortilla soup 2pts, and a diet sunkist 0pts.
My 12 pt meal.
But didn't eat the chicken so 6pt meal.
I watched the Batchelor and had another diet sunkist for 0pts and 2 servings of baked french fries with honey mustard for 5pts and 11 pretzels for 2pts. My favorite way to use leftover points.


I'm going to make my 3 meals for tomorrow and get to bed early so that I can wake up and work out before my 9:30 am class. 

Points: 25/26
Weekly Allowance Points: 35 remaining/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 5 today/5 week
Exercise: C25K Week 2 day 2, and cycling
Weekly Weight Loss: -3.4 lbs this week/ 8.2 lbs total

Hope to see less of each other next time!

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