Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 34: 2/13/2010

Slight hangover this morning when I woke up. Go figure. I woke Matt up around 8 to clear off our sidewalk because OUR KING SIZE BED WAS SCHEDULED TO BE DELIVERED AT 9:30!! YAY! So I got up- hangover still in tact at 8:30 and chipped the ice off our apt path with a broom handle and Matt with a hammer- yes we are that ghetto. I had a slim fast for breakfast for 4pts.
Then, they delivered our king size piece of heaven. It is AMAZING. I never want to get out of bed again. Its like having an entire country made out of bed. I love it! Then Matt and I went to the movie theater to pick up tickets for the 10pm showing of Valentine's Day for Cait and I. The line was wrapped nearly around the building so we decided to take the hit and order on Fandango. Then...hangover still in tact- We had chic-fil-a hangover food for lunch. Matt wasn't hungover- so he had their breakfast, but I had their lunch combo- chicken nuggets and fries w/ a ddp for 15pts. So delicious.

After that, we came home and Matt let me take a nap in our new bed. It was soooooo nice. I slept like a baby and woke without a hangover- so now I know that its not just a good bed, its a magic bed. After that, we went and shopped for bedding alllllll day long. Unfortunately, it appears that literally everything is outside of our budget. We're going to have to talk more about what to do. After that, we came home and hung out for a while together and had dinner. I had smartones w/ cheese 5pts and some chips and guacamole 2pts

After that, I went and picked up Cait for our movie. It was super cute. I really enjoyed it despite its terrible reviews. Why does Patrick Dempsey always have a wife and a mistress?? Really disappointing. 

Points: 26/26
Weekly Allowance Points: 35 remaining/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 0 today/2 week
Exercise: 0
Weekly Weight Loss: +.4 lbs this week/ 7.8 lbs total

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