Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 39: 2/18/2010

I woke up reluctantly this morning to go to class. I was dragging literally all day today. I had a toasted WW english muffin with WW cream cheese spread and 2 tsp grape jelly for 3pts for breakfast. It was so delicious.

I went to my first class and nearly fell asleep 4 times and actually did fall asleep once! I resigned myself to not paying attention and only trying to keep my eyes open. After class, I went to Wilsdorf Cafe for my caffeine I.V. and got a diet pepsi 0pts. It helped a little. I did some of my Vibes hw (due Sat) while there. After finishing a few problems, I went to the Christinas' office to eat lunch and they weren't there!! Sad day. So I ate my 4pt Smart Ones Beef and Asian Style Veggies in solitude while finishing off my Pepsi. 

Then, still not fully caffeinated, I grabbed a diet sunkist 0pts I had brought to work and headed to a meeting with my advisor about the conference Matt and I are attending over spring break. I've got a lot of work to do to prepare for this, but I can get it done with time to spare if I buckle down. (PS- does anyone know a good dog/puppy kennel in the c-ville area we can leave Bear at?)

After my solo lunch, I went to Vibes for another monotonous lecture. I played cribbage while taking notes with a guy in my class. (An unwise decision overall, but I had apparently brought up the idea late one night this past weekend.) In class, we found out our homework wouldn't be due for a few extra days- not really what I wanted to hear, I was banking on the deadline to keep me motivated.
After class, I was still dragging so I zoomed home for an hr siesta. It was amazing. I grabbed Matt from school after that and we decided to go out for Chinese buffet. Always a downfall for weight watchers, but its Matt's favorite place and we both needed some us time. I had french fries 13pts, 2 crab wontons 6pts, 2 beef dumplings 3pts, and 1/2 cup spicy chicken 7pts. (These are estimates.) In my fortune cookie, I had 2 fortunes! I didn't eat the cookie though. I was really excited so I took a picture, but then Matt's had 3- he's more fortunate. :) no? too cheesy? 

 My plate of food! (I didn't eat all those fries, my goal at chinese buffets is during the first round, put as many fries on my plate as possible because they are generally stale and then wait for them to refill the buffet with fresh ones before actually eating any. So far its fool proof.)

My two fortunes!

I watched The Deep End and Grey's when we got home and went to bed early.

Points: 36/25
Weekly Allowance Points: 19 remaining/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 6 today/6 week
Exercise: 0
Weekly Weight Loss: -4.2 lbs / -12 lbs total

Hope to see less of each other next time!

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