Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 32: 2/11/2010

IT'S BEEN A MONTH SINCE I STARTED WEIGHT WATCHERS! Umm celebration? Bravo Star Sticker? So Day 1 of month 2 was today, and guess what that means...NEW RESOLUTIONS!! One of my new years resolutions was to make weight watchers related resolutions for each month I do the program. (I thought about doing it by calender month, but I wasn't ready to make any more commitments on 2/1 since I had only been doing the program 3 weeks.)

Month 2 Resolutions:
  • Get Inspired: We've all been there- making a resolution we are completely passionate about in January and slowly let it slip by February- or let's be honest here, the second week in January when the chocolate you gave up for the new year some how jumped into your shopping cart (unbeknownst to you of course). So I am going to preempt the resolution failures by continually finding things that inspire me to be my best and remind me why I am doing what I am doing and posting them here to hopefully inspire you too. My goal is to do this at least weekly and to write whatever it is and post it for myself on my bed side table to see when I wake up and go to sleep. Just for thought- here's a quote that is inspiring me now-
Give about two hours every day to exercise, for health must not be sacrificed to learning. A strong body makes the mind strong. -T. Jefferson 1785 
Fitting that it was TJ who said it and he is also the founder of our great university here. I have put my health second to my education so many times in grad school and here's our founder saying not to. I heart TJ.
  •  Track, Track, Track: I know this was one of my goals last month, but its going to have to stick around until tracking what I eat becomes second nature.
  • Work out 3 days per week: I thought about giving myself this goal in January, but small changes over a long period of time are how we change things permanently- so here it is- an exercise commitment in addition to my eating goals. I am going to try to make it in 5 days a week, but my resolutions need to be just a little more than I am doing now and not something I will fail and give up on too early.
So those are my Month 2 goals. They don't mean that I am going to give up or lapse on the good habits I developed in month 1 (joining weight watchers, sharing my story, attending meetings every week, and tracking everything I eat) they're just expanding on them. So, I guess that means I'm hitting the gym tomorrow!

OK so for my day- I grabbed a smart ones breakfast sandwich for 4pts for breakfast and headed to school.
I forgot to take the picture before I started eating so you only get to see 1/2 the sandwich!

I got through the 1st half of my day alright. I ran to Walmart mid day to buy some slimfast because they are the only ones who have restocked it in cville since the recall. I grabbed bear a giant bag of Beggin' Strips for some treats (who says you can't buy love?) I ate lunch in the Christinas' office. Always good to talk to them- I'm sure some of my inspiring stories will come from Xtina- she's going to save the world some day. I had another chili-cheese potato 8pts- love them.
What was with me today? I was overzealous and ate most of the grub before thinking to take a picture.

After lunch, I went to my second class- the boring one- I have so so much trouble staying focused in that class, but he mentioned a 2nd hw assignment and I was all ears. After that class I ran through a lab manual for the microscale guys and scheduled my work for tomorrow and Matt and I came home. Little Bear was extatic. PS- if you ever feel lonely or unloved- get a dog- they make all the bad feelings in the world go away (esp after they are house trained). We had family snuggle time- aka Matt and I laying down with Bear running around the bed like a crazy person trying to stay in contact with both of us at all times- Love it.

For dinner, I finished off the chicken tortilla soup (2 cups) 4pts I had in the fridge- it was on the verge of needing to go. And I made myself some guacamole (ate 1/2 of whats pictured) with baked tortilla chips 5pts. Yum!

 Now I am cleaning house, doing laundry, some homework, maybe seeing James, and then I'm off to bed! Getting ready to follow my resolutions tomorrow!

Points: 21/26
Weekly Allowance Points: 35 remaining/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 0 today/24 week
Exercise: 0
Weekly Weight Loss: +.4 lbs this week/ 7.8 lbs total
 Hope to see less of each other next time!

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