Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 37: 2/16/2010 MARDI GRAS

Wow- Tuesday feels like it lasted forever. We got up, played with Bear, and grabbed breakfast before heading to school. I had a slimfast 4pts.
First I had CFD- which I need to get started on the hw for by the way. After that, I got set up on a tablet PC on loan from SEAS for grading the stats electronic assignments. I had lunch with CJ and commiserated about the young and immature. :) I had a smart ones entree 4pts and some harvest cheddar sunchips 3pts.

After lunch, I caught up on some blogs I read and forgot about my 2:00 class! So I was 10 mins late to Vibes. We had a sub teaching and he was so awesome. I wish he were our professor instead. After Vibes, I twisted Matt's arm and convinced him to come home early and work from home for the rest of the day. He finally caved- I almost had to play the marriage card. 

Since WW was closed on Monday (not due to presidents' day apparently) but because the leader was snowed in, I went to the 5:30 WW meeting Tuesday night. Down another 4.2 lbs and I reached my 5% weight loss! That's a total of 12lbs in 5 weeks! Yay! Not to mention there was much celebration this past week and still weight loss! Super proud. (See my 5% sticker AND my sticker for another 5 lbs) 
This week's lesson was about eating out on the plan. I feel like every week I get a little more of what I need to be even more successful the next week. After the meeting, I knew I was going to go out with CJ and Nathan (love them) so I ate a Smart Ones Santa Fe chicken entree so that I wouldn't need to eat a full meal out. It was kind of nasty- not going to lie, but only 2pts so I'll take it.

Christina and Nathan picked us up to go to Beer Run in the Biltmore area. It was neat- but not what we were looking for. Plus, it was full of mardi gras celebrators, we grabbed a 20 oz beer (I had Pilsner for 4pts), and then went next door for dinner at Pad Thai. I had another beer (16oz.) 4pts, and 2 Curry spring rolls 5pts?

After dinner, Matt and met up with a few friends from work at Trinity on the corner. I had 2 1/2 Miller Lites 5pts (It was awesome because they were only $1 each!) and some mardi gras beads (although I didn't earn the beads)!!

After that, we swung by Cait's apartment and dropped off her tea mug and picked up Season 5 of Lost...I feel my grades sinking already. Then we came home, played with Bear for a minute, and then went to bed. I tried to get Matt to let Bear sleep with us, but he was too rambunctious and had to go back to his crate which he was super unhappy about. Sorry, kid.
Points: 31/26
Weekly Allowance Points: 30 remaining/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 0 today/0 week
Exercise: 0
Weekly Weight Loss: -4.2 lbs / -12 lbs total

Hope to see less of each other next time!

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