Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 33: 2/12/2010

Gracious, it was a loooong weekend, which was nice, but also means its going to be culture shock starting back to school on Tuesday!

FRIDAY (eee 3 days ago and I'm just now posting! Sorry guys!)

I made plans Thursday night to work out with Jamie on Friday morning around 9:45 or 10 and thank God I did because otherwise it would not have happened. I was sound asleep until she called me and I don't think I picked up until like the 20th ring. -This is only one of the reasons sisters are great: they wake your lazy ass up and get you moving. I grabbed a granola bar so I wouldn't be running off of nothing. Matt had left Bear out when he went to work and Bear had managed to find my Build-A-Bear teddy bear I made in college "Teddy Bauer" and was attempting to dismember him. Oh puppies.

After that, I ran on the elliptical for 25 mins. It was killer- skipping a week of working out is not going to be good when I hit it hard this week +2 activity pts! 
After that, I came home, showered, ate lunch, and got ready for work. I had a Smart Ones fettuchini alfredo and a diet sunkist for 4pts.
Jamie dropped me off and I went to work through a lab the microscale guys are running. It took a lot longer than I had expected, but it deff works for an undergrad lab.

After that, I hung out with Cait until it was time to pick Matt up from work. We watched I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. FYI- don't watch this if you have a weak stomach. I almost threw up on my own carpet. After that, we went to trinity for dinner and drinks and stayed out the rest of the night. Matt, Mike, Jeff, and Mary joined us at various times and it was good times all around. So glad we went out.

I was a little obsessed with John Daly's the whole night which is possibly the worst- calorie-wise- drink. Its the best drink taste wise. They are either 5 or 6 pts per drink and I had 3 at dinner, 15pts. My dinner was fries and 1/4 burger. I ate 1/2 the fries pictured with some ketchup. 
I am counting 7pts for the fries, 8pts for the burger, and 1pt for the sauce- at least I had fun, right? (These are probably slight overestimates, but better safe than sorry.) I had 1 more John Daly at Boylan for 5pts, a bud light for 2pts, and later at Biltmore, I had yet another John Daly for another 5pts. wowza.

Then home for sleep!

Points: 48/26
Weekly Allowance Points: 13 remaining/35 weekly
Activity Points Earned: 2 today/2 week
Exercise: elliptical
Weekly Weight Loss: +.4 lbs this week/ 7.8 lbs total

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